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 14 Apr 2014 @ 9:43 PM 


Dogecoin is a big part of what I’m going to start talking about. I’ll also be covering several other issues as well, but DogeCoin will be the focus of things, from mining, to faucets to trading.

Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Forensics, Counter Measures

I’ve never been good at keeping my blog up to date, in large part b/c I constantly find new things interesting.  I’ve went dormant for a while and am going to start posting again regularly.  Truth be told, i’ve refrained from posting in large part b/c of BS associated with it.  You see, a blog post is just that, a blog post.  However it can serve as a Rorschach test.  People see what they want in it.  I’ve spent countless hours defending myself from delusional accusations that posts were about specific people.  The legal system isn’t what you see on law and order.  You can be very innocent and fortunately, if you have means, it’s often easy to prove that. But you can spend a lot of money in the process.

If you happen to get on the bad side of a law enforcement officer, things as innocuous as walking downstairs to your car can be framed as interfering with an investigation and you can be called to prove otherwise.  In any case, I got really sick of playing whack a mole with the colorful imagination of someone who flattered themselves to think everything I wrote revolved around them.

I’ve spent a lot of time helping victims of computer crimes. If you look at my articles  on “The Hacking of DB Singles.org”  or similar ones, I think it’s pretty clear where I stand.  I’ve helped countless people avoid victimization online as well as trying to mitigate the damage they’ve already incurred.  If I wanted to, I could post a list of over 30 people that would gladly spell out in detail how much I’ve helped them.  But begin a white knight isn’t my thing and running around posting about how great you are is well, pathetic. In any case, I write about computer crime and common scenarios people don’t think about.  I have 7 articles queued up from over a year I’ve hesitated to post b/c I knew certain parties would use it as ‘evidence’ that I was about to engage in such crimes.

A big part of what I write is using real world, tangible scenarios that make people understand how vulnerable they are.  To do this, while being a cyber-criminal myself, would be the height of stupidity. Here, let me write out a blueprint on how to commit a crime, and then let me go commit it. Only a fool would do such a thing.  I’m a lot of things, but being a fool isn’t one I’ve been accused of much.

The more real the scenarios, the more certain parties have claimed I’m talking about them.  Well, the time has come that I’ve had enough. I’m tired of withholding valuable information that could protect people b/c of fear that someone will delusionally misrepresent what I’ve written as some sort of manifesto about what i’m going to do.

Currently, i’ve had the pleasure of taking a job as Director of Data Science for  a very successful publicly traded company. It’s not work, it’s like getting paid to play.  In the course of that, I get to investigate and play with many different technologies. From here on in, the blog focus will be as follows.  My intent is to inform and protect. Anyone that takes it as someone else is seriously fooling themselves (and should that day arrive in court, I’m quite confident ANY and every reasonable person will see it for exactly what it is – benevolence shown by someone fascinated by technology, helping others avoid victimization:

Keywords:  CryptoCurrency, CryptographyDogecoinLiteCoin & BitCoin, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Statistics and Calculus, Web Services and Web API’s, Natural Language Programming, Zero-Day exploits, Digital Forensics – Cellebrite in Particular, Protecting yourself from being victimized online., Anonymity,Tails, UDOO, Raspberry PI, BOTS, PYTHON


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  3. CRM Blogger says:

    Very interesting, how long must your readers wait until you write another article on the subject?

  4. 3;33t H4x0r says:

    I read you might be in the market for 200k DogeCoin. Wanna buy your coins back from us?

  5. DeezNutz says:

    I just saw your post on the DogeVault.com hack. You went ahead and moved all ur coins and left 200k in the cloud. No wonder we all call you the dumbest smart guy around.

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