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 01 Mar 2012 @ 11:27 AM 

Just the other Day, blogger Jonathan Corbett posted this awesome YouTube video showing how ineffective the new TSA Full body scanners are. We saw the TSA’s Blogger Bob post an immediate dismissive rant against him.  There were rumors floating around that someone at the TSA was subtly trying to intimidate journalists and bloggers from posting about the incident.  Popehat, showing his usual Balls of Cast Iron, decided to follow up on the story. Note, that he didn’t assume the accusations to be true, instead, he did what you should and tried to investigate further and reported the results.  The TSA Spokesperson’s name is Sari Koshetz and he decided to write her. Note that although supposed publication of .gov email addresses is some serious crime that endangers agent’s lives, he guessed her email address on the first attempt (I’ll go out on a limb too and ponder a guess, Sari.Koshetz@dhs.gov). He points out that her response doesn’t answer the questions he asked and that it’s filled with ambiguous threats.  This is always how it goes. They’ll claim they were victimized. They’ll claim that publishing information that’s readily available publicly somehow “catalogs’ the information and puts them in danger. The more dishonest and histrionic ones will even claim it puts their families in danger.  Trust me, it happens, so Popehat shouldn’t be suprised.

Leave any questions in the Comments section, or write me directly: bill@williamgryan.nospam.mobi (leave out the obvious part) – /b/ill

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  1. Jeff says:

    Bill you’re right about the email address, it’s available via google. If you search for sari.koshetz@dhs.gov you’ll find her. I havent read your blog for very long so I don’t get the inside comments about posting email addresses care to share?

  2. Hymen says:

    its freaky how the cuntiest of all bitches gravitate to govt jobs. Team Red or Blue, the cunt factor is through the roof if they’re with the govt.

  3. TSA OutofOurPants says:

    Many thanks a ton for that good writeup. Actually, how might we talk?

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