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 06 Dec 2011 @ 4:08 AM 

When I saw the media coverage about how Pedobear was being used by pedophiles to recruit unsuspecting kids, I really thought TV News couldn’t get any stupider (then again it wasn’t that long ago a certain local tv employee was telling a close friend that Ravers were using Pacifiers to keep from chewing off their tongues while rolling, so I shouldn’t be surprised), I see this.  I feel for the poor kids of the woman being interviewed… having your mother make a complete fool of herself on television can’t be much fun.

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Posted By: Roubot
Last Edit: 06 Dec 2011 @ 04:19 AM

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  1. Digital Drugs R bad, MMKAY. Don’t do digital drugs, drugs are bad MMMKAY. Hur Durr Digital Drugs. Not foolin anyone Billy boy, theres no way *you’re* wasting your time doing no digital drugs, you got too many homeboys in the 305 and 404 with the good stuff. You do a convincing job with the Mature Adult thing, but I’ve known you too long to believe it. Blue Cuckoos might get a receding hairline and put on some weight but they never change their color. When you heading back up to A town and makin sure I’m on the short list?

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